Price : 2 225 €

This console table is drawn to be adjustable and aesthetic.

This console table is 73 cm height 1m10 wide and length 42 cm when it's folded, and it can be extended up to 2m92 with five extension leaf which are 50 cm long each one.

This beautiful table has a removable central leg which is required beyond two extension leaf. The table and the extension leaf are varnished to become water and impact resistant.

It can receive easily twelve guests and warmly fourteen friends (two persons can sit comfortably in each table's end with the width of 1m10)

Apart from its modern style and modularity, there is another characteristic: the extension leaf can be easily put under a sofa, in a closet. This table is designed to be easily maneuverable by a single person, thanks to the lightness of the extension leafs and the aluminum runner.


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